Iris Villas Lefkada

Welcome to Iris Villas Lefkada, a haven of mindful luxury situated along the Southeastern coast of Lefkada island. Our exclusive retreat comprises two independent luxury villas, Marine and Karavi Villa, positioned just 30 meters from the pristine shoreline, offering a secluded escape for those in search of privacy and tranquility.

A mere 10-minute drive from the enchanting village of Sivota, Iris Villas Lefkada seamlessly combines serenity with accessibility. Guests can enjoy a gateway to the island’s cosmopolitan allure, charming cafes and shops.

Crafted with harmony and authenticity in mind, both villas are constructed from local soil materials, providing a premium accommodation experience immersed in the natural splendor that surrounds them. At Iris Villas Lefkada, anticipate a haven that generously delivers on privacy, elegance, and breathtaking views—your idyllic sanctuary for unwinding and indulging in life’s simple pleasures.