Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions2023-03-14T18:59:51+03:00
What is the process of booking a Villa?2024-02-28T21:23:28+03:00

If you intend to book one of our Villas, in the ‘Reserve’ section, you can easily reserve your stay while making the appropriate adult, child, and infant selections. You can always contact us for a tailor-made experience by the sea. We accept bank transfers. In that case, at least 50% of the total amount of the reservation must be transferred. The other half must be paid at least one week before your arrival.


Which is the reservation/cancellation policy?2024-02-28T21:24:19+03:00

There is a free cancellation policy 60 days prior to your check-in with a full refund. Notice that we don’t cover any transaction fees or extra costs. If the rule of 60 days is defied, 50% of the total cost is nonrefundable.

No-shows or early departures are charged in full (100%).

Which is the minimum stay?2023-12-18T11:45:51+03:00

We require a 5-night minimum stay.

When are the check-in and check-out hours?2022-12-15T12:34:56+03:00

Check in from 16.00 to 22.00

Check out from 00.00 to 10.00

What are the facilities provided?2022-12-15T12:35:23+03:00

Villas provide a private pool and separate private access to the sea.
In addition, a fully equipped kitchen, BBQ, free Wi-Fi, free private parking are offered.
For more details, see the Amenities that each Villa provides.

What is the company’s damage policy?2023-01-05T14:46:09+03:00

We never require a damage deposit upfront when making a reservation for one of our properties.

However, in full compliance with our company’s legal and insurance protection, if any damage occurs while a guest is staying in one of our villas, then the client is obligated to fully compensate the company.

Do we share the Villa with other guests?2023-01-05T14:46:38+03:00

No. You do not share the villa with other guests.
When you rent the villa, the entire property is only exclusive for your use.

Is the villas wheelchair accessible?2022-12-15T12:37:18+03:00

Unfortunately, no.
Currently, the Villas are not accessible to people with disabilities, but we try our best to address this issue in the future.

Do I need a vehicle to visit Iris Villas Lefkada?2023-01-05T14:46:22+03:00

Yes, you definitely will need a car.
Iris Villas Lefkada are 2.7km from Sivota village, where you can find any supplies.

Are pets allowed?2022-12-15T12:37:38+03:00

Unfortunately, no.

How can I get there?2023-01-05T14:47:00+03:00

You can reach us by car.

Are parties and bachelor events allowed?2022-12-15T12:37:59+03:00


Which are the closest airports/ ports?2022-12-28T07:35:30+03:00

The nearest airport is Aktion Airport 52 km away from our accommodation.
Other well-known airports in Greece are placed in Ioannina, Araxthos, and Athens.

Available ports are at Vasiliki, Nydri, and Lefkada.
There are also Igoumenitsa’s and Preveza’s ports.

What is the closest hospital?2022-12-15T12:38:44+03:00

The closest Hospital is the Lefkada General Hospital, 33km far from Iris Villas.

Can I have some useful phone numbers?2022-12-15T12:39:10+03:00

Ambulance: 166
Fire Service: 199
Nearest Hospital (Lefkada town): 26450 25371
Police: 25450 029370
Port Authority: 26450 22176

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