Luxury villas lefkada

Renowned for its immense natural beauty, including lush green hills and pristine beaches with crystal clear waters, the Ionian Island of Lefkada has long established itself as one of the most popular high-end destinations in Greece.

Lefkada is home to an abundance of cosmopolitan yet absolutely picturesque destinations, among which is the village of Sivota, on the southern part of the island, where Iris Villas Lefkada are located.

Built on an imposing cove just a heartbeat away from the sea and a mere ten-minute drive from the charming village of Sivota, our villas combine a most elegant atmosphere with absolute seclusion and privacy.

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Iris Villas Lefkada – Luxury accommodation in Sivota, Lefkada

In an incredible natural landscape consisting of a rocky scenery with private access to Sivota’s deep blue seaside, Iris Luxury Villas stands proud as a spot of elegance, privacy, and picture-perfect views.

Our elegant Iris Villas Lefkada in Sivota consists of two remote luxury villas, both of which are ideal for a lovely experience of utmost luxury, serenity, and relaxation. Keep scrolling through our blog article and learn more about Villa Marine and Villa Karavi.

Villa Marine

A hidden paradise within Lefkada’s endless blue, Villa Marine in Sivota is a high-end rental apartment whose decoration combines modern luxury living with hints of Lefkada’s rustic tradition.

Capable of hosting groups of six people, Villa Marine is one of Lefkada’s best options for a getaway with friends or family members, with private access to the sea and an exclusive infinity pool.

Villa Karavi

Renowned for its uninterrupted view of the crystal clear Ionian waters, Villa Karavi in Sivota is the perfect environment for large families or groups of friends, in a luxurious rental resembling the deck of a ship.

Also offering secluded access to the sea, as well as a marvelous private infinity pool, Villa Karavi is evidently inspired by Lefkada’s maritime tradition. It has two floors, and it can host up to 10 visitors in total.

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